Author: DJ Crimson | Date: January 5th, 2008

If you are as interested in music as I am, you will find it useful to refer to custom essays service from time to time to read up-to-date information about artists and their musical works. If I can ever post one of the most generic G-Funk albums out there, this would definitely be it. Although there is nothing wrong with being generic, this is your typical G-Funk sound here. More onto the group, I really can’t find any info on the two rappers other then that they hail from Long Beach. The album’s production is handled by Charles Atkins, Dave Swang, Del Atkins, Scrap, and Stevo. The most notable producer out of that line up would have to be Dave Swang who produced “Droppin Bombz” off “The Show” Soundtrack and co-produced “Ridin’, Slippin’, & Slidin” off Tha Dogg Pound’s “Dogg Food” album.

01. Each & Every Day
02. Handle That Shit!
03. Trapped Up In Tha Ghetto
04. Tha Holdin’ Tank
05. Why Ya Wanna…? (Lock Me Down)
06. Gotta Make Those Endz
07. Deal Wit Tha Real
08. Gangsta Glide
09. Players
10. MsBehave
11. Summer Again
12. Situation Critical
13. Kinfolkatosis
14. Ya Daughter Gits It All
15. If I Could
16. Faith
17. On B1/2 Of Nutty

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7 Comments on “Kinfolk - Each & Every Day (1996)”

  1. daggo Says:

    props !

  2. JungleboySays:

    WOW!!! Gotta Make Those Endz is dope ass fuck!! Dope Album. Props to this project!

  3. shemdogg Says:

    mediocre ass album, if that

    aint worth a d/l

  4. Diego Says:

    This album is fuckin dope. Never heard of these guys before. Keep em commin brotha!

  5. WHo got Dat WeeD?Says:

    damn this album go cuhhz

  6. daggo Says:

    Any chance to get a better audio quality of it ( vbr @ 192kbps ) ?? thx

  7. DJ CrimsonSays:

    Sorry, thats the best version I have at the moment. If I ever find it in a better version, I’ll probably post it.

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