Interested in becoming an official affiliate of The G-Funk Era? If so, read the below information to learn how you can partner up with our website. Also, as a future partner, it will be useful for you to also contact the mba essay writing service so you can learn a lot of useful material related to business activities and not only. Read about how to act correctly and who to involve for the best quality of materials and benefits for the site.

Partner Guidelines

· Your website must be music related. We prefer sites with some type of relationship with G-Funk, Hip Hop, or Music, but we will accept generally any music site that will get our website known to more people.
· Your website must display a text link at all times. The text link must be in a recognizable area on your website. Failure to do this will result in termination of partnership.
· We prefer websites that have limited amounts of advertisements.
· We prefer websites that have a top level domain name (.com, .net, .org, et cetera) but depending on the quality of the site, this isn’t required.
· We require our partners to have nice presentation. This includes, but is not limited to, a nice layout, quality content, and quality staffing.
· There are other things not in this list that we look at in judging if partnering with your website would benefit us.

Become A Partner

If you agree to the above rules and if you are still interested in becoming a partner of The G-Funk Era, then read the following. You will need to browse to our contact page and fill out the contact form. Please put Partnership as the subject and include your name, your websites name and your website’s link. We usually respond to these types of emails within 24 - 48 hours of them being sent out, so please be patient until we respond to your email with our reply.