Steffon - Trippin’ Wit No Luggage (1994)

For my first album article, I would like to discuss one of the most underrated G-Funk albums to come out in the early 90’s, Steffon’s Trippin’ Wit No Luggage which came out in 1994. The album was surprisingly released by the popular Ruthless Records label. Looking back, there really was no album promotion other than a music video for “Frost Bit” and a few magazine advertisements. Every song on the album was produced by Ruthless Record’s former head producer, Rhythm D, and features no guest appearances. The standout song for me would have to be the lead single “Frost Bit” that was mentioned earlier in this post. The story of the song is about a black kid named Ronnie who sells out and tries to be white. If your a fan of story telling songs, this is a must listen for you. The rest of the songs were laid back, party-oriented west coast funk that included Steffon’s humorous side. After his debut and death of Eazy-E, it looked like he basically disappeared from the rap game but was later featured on Eazy-E’s posthumous album, The Godfather Of Gangsta Rap. A few years later after that release, he now goes by the name of Roach Killa and owns a independent record label known as Lefsyde Productions.

01. Intro
02. Frost Bit
03. Cool Brown Brother
04. Uncut Funk
05. Jack Of All Trades
06. Young & Trippin
07. Where Ya At
08. Open The Door
09. P.Hop Hour
10. Got 2 Be Free
11. Funk Like Me
12. I Can’t Stand It
13. Remember The Dayz
14. Steffon’s In The House


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  1. Who got sum weed says:

    yo man, props on this album, steffon is real dope and got that intelligent type flow, his voice is pretty laid back too.

    the world dont need a gangsta thats all talk, most gagnsta rappers is scared to jay walk

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