XL Middleton - Barliament Drunkadelic (2007)

If there is any upcoming artist that has been keeping the G-Funk influence alive while still doing his own thing, it would definitely have to be XL Middleton. Although XL Middleton has been rapping and producing since 2002, it finally seems like he is getting the recognition he deserves. He even speaks to his own fans every now and then on some of the more popular west coast music boards. After releasing a few mixtapes in 2007 which gained a lot of momentum for his upcoming album, he finally released his most recent outing, Barliament Drunkadelic. Barliament Drunkadelic was originally announced to be released in August 2007 but was delayed until November 2007. The wait was definitely worth it as the album had some fresh cuts while still containing that classic G-Funk vibe. Hell, he even produced fifteen of the songs on the album. Additionally, he brought in a impressive line up including Bo-Roc of the The Dove Shack and former Death Row inmate Crooked I. By the way, there won’t be any album download for this except for the single song you can find below. Go support the G-Funk artists out there and just maybe, we’ll get keep getting impressive releases from artists like him in the future.

01. Barliament Drunkadelic
02. 80’s Baby (Featuring MistaMil)
03. I Don’t Like You (Featuring Bo$$)
04. Gettin Breezy (Featuring D’Zire, Sly Boogy & Young Sau)
05. Falling Down
06. Don’t Hate
07. Pop Lock Funk
08. Beautiful People (Featuring MP)
09. Major (Featuring Black & Crooked I)

Back 2 Tha House Party (Featuring Bo-Roc & Coolwadda)
11. After The Party
12. Everybody’s A Hater (Featuring Clinton Wayne)
Activity (Featuring Dr. Stank)
14. Glam Rap
15. Pimpin Like Its 1986 (Featuring M-Dash)
16. Why Don’t They Get It? (Featuring S-Dee)
17. If U Never Been (Featuring Black, Daddy Rich & Reality)
18. Back 2 Tha House Party [DPZ Crew Remix]

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2 Responses to “XL Middleton - Barliament Drunkadelic (2007)”

  1. P82 says:

    Really good album.

    XL has dropped a few now, i think i have maybe 3 of his Cds

  2. shemdogg says:

    lol @ buy here

    but props i’ll look for links for this dude

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