Young Dre - Hated By Many (1997)

After a week of not posting about a new album, you probably are going to be amazed on why I am even bothering posting about this. This is just a lesson, a lesson on how not to make a G-Funk album or an hip hop/rap album period. I honestly can’t find one decent thing to say about this album. Young Dre’s flow throughout the album is terrible and it sounds like someone is scratching a chalkboard furiously on every damn track. Also the mixing is terrible, the only saving grace for the album has got to be the guest appearances and even then, it isn’t enough to outweigh the major problems. Recently, he has been releasing new tracks and you can see that he has improved a lot since this album was released. His flow has improved, his lyrics have improved, and the people that he is working with are better. If you would like to listen to some of his new material, visit Dubcnn as they have several of his new tracks on their website.

01. Game Tight (Featuring Michael Cooper)
02. Money Can’t Buy You Love (Featuring Sandy Wyatt)
03. How Real Can It Get
04. Put That On Something (Featuring Dru Down)
05. 40 Got My Mind
06. Synanamous
07. Hitin’ Corners (Featuring Mista Grimm)
08. Hustlers & Busters (Featuring Celly Cel)
09. Did You Hear Me Right? (Featuring Battle Loc)
10. Me & Mines (Featuring Levitti)
11. Guilty Concious (Featuring Big E & The Link Crew)
12. Too Swift On My Toes
13. Jealousy
14. A Whole Different World (Featuring Eboni Foster)
15. Dance With The Devil


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