Blue Scholars - Bayani (2007)

If you like reading about releases and annotations, or you write them yourself, or want to write, order essay on to know about the latest events and updates in the music industry. As you can tell, this is our very first post about a non-G-Funk album for this site. Also you would notice that I haven’t posted any articles in about two weeks. Been really busy with school at the moment but even then, I won’t forget about all the G-Funk fans out there who visit this site. There will be an upcoming article about a basically unknown G-Funk release. I am still pondering on which one I shall post but it will be up eventually. Now onto the discussion of this little gem that was released last year by Rawkus Records. The duo group consists of Geologic, the emcee, along with Sabzi, who produced the entire album himself. They both hail from Seattle, Washington, an area not much known for its hip hop/rap music. This is their second full-length album after their debut was released in 2004 internationally. This album focuses on many of the political events during 2007 and others and this album is dedicated to Seattle. The album was released with mostly positive reviews and even two music videos were created for the album. The two songs are “Back Home” and “Joe Metro” which were both directed by Sabzi’s brother, Zia Mohajerjasbi.

01. Bahá’í Healing Prayer (Intro)
02. Second Chapter
03. Opening Salvo
04. North By Northwest
05. Ordinary Guys
06. Still Got Love
07. Bayani
08. Loyalty
09. Fire For The People
10. Xenophobia (Interlude)
11. The Distance
12. Back Home
13. 50K Deep
14. Morning Of America
15. Joe Metro


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