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Bangloose New Release

Friday, July 25th, 2008

A G-funk group known as Bangloose return with the release of a new album “Sonically Correct”. There are hardly any G-funk fans that do not know about Bangloose. The album “Sonically Correct” is released under their own label “Gee’d Up Records”. This is a much-awaited album from his hardcore fans. The songs featured in this album have been released earlier on radio stations such as Last Call, but some of them we have not heard of before. Overall, the album is very well mixed and definitely sounds like a major label album. Bangloose is sure doing greatly with DJ Nik bean at the side to help present “Sonically Correct” to everyone out there. This is a real treat for all fans. There are a total 25 tracks on the album. There are more than you can bargain with.

Bangloose is the new generation of G-funk and also known as Frappr (a combination of funk and rapper). Bangloose is popular as it has the most popular rap parties, the best music you can sing along and the music is catchy. Bangloose certainly knows how to have fun and make sure the fans have fun too. The biggest fan platform Bangloose has is at Myspace.

The album’s list include:

1. Intro

2. Last Call

3. Interlude 1

4. Grey Goose

5. Interlude 2

6. Gee’d Up

7. Nik Bean Drop 1

8. Rated R

9. Nik Bean Drop 2

10. Introduction

11. Nik Bean Drop 3

12. Dippin

13. Interlude 3

14. The Streetz

15. Nik Bean Drop 4

16. Hot Shotz

17. Interlude 4

18. So Fly So Fresh

19. Interlude 5

20. California

21. Interlude 6

22. Here I Come

23. Julio G Interlude

24. Grey Goose 2.0

25. Nik Bean Outro

Suga Free

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

Dajuan Louis Rice is known for lyrics about street prostitution, bad language and violence. He showcases his range of emotions in works like “Dip Da”, where the words of the song delve into his emotions surrounding his abusive father, and also the sexual abuse of female friend of his.
More of his lyrics touch on intransigent street violence, domestic violence, and the time did in the jail in LA.
With an very fast delivery of lines, he uses an almost disconnected way of delivering his songs. He generally uses a style of hard and heavy syncopation. Rhymes tend to change quite a few times in one line are shown on his lyrical meter.
Sting and Richard Pryor are said to have influenced him but there seems to be very little evidence of that in his music.
He is an uncharacteristic rapper unlike those who only claim to be pimps he in reality does pimp. His music is actually comes in second place to his management of his street prostitutes.
“Street Gospel”, his first album, was produced by DJ Quick in the late 90s. It failed to reach expectations commercially. Many underground rappers supported Suga Free and praised his work.

Welcome To The G-Funk Era

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Welcome to the newest RS Insomniac site project, The G-Funk Era. The site has been finally released for public use after a month of planning content and getting a template ready. The template was done by a good friend of mine, Justin Ruff, who will also be the Editor of this site. Right now, there isn’t much content to be seen, but I will promise this. In time it will grow as well as the community surrounding the G-Funk genre. I will be posting about G-Funk artists, daily news, album downloads and I will even discuss about other rap sub-genres other than G-Funk within the next few weeks.