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Young Dre - Hated By Many (1997)

Friday, January 25th, 2008

After a week of not posting about a new album, you probably are going to be amazed on why I am even bothering posting about this. This is just a lesson, a lesson on how not to make a G-Funk album or an hip hop/rap album period. I honestly can’t find one decent thing to say about this album. Young Dre’s flow throughout the album is terrible and it sounds like someone is scratching a chalkboard furiously on every damn track. Also the mixing is terrible, the only saving grace for the album has got to be the guest appearances and even then, it isn’t enough to outweigh the major (more…)

DJ Quik & Kurupt Duo Album Revealed

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

Recently revealed in a Dubcnn’s weekly podcast (01/17/08) by Kurupt, there will be an upcoming duo album by two of the most popular G-Funk artists, DJ Quik and Kurupt himself. Considering all the issues that went on with The Fixxers, which involved sketchy management and creative differences, lets hope this one doesn’t turn out the same. No doubt, we seen the chemistry that they have shown with each other on the mic in the past so I can’t see how anybody can’t be excited about this project. What little information about the album that has been released includes production held by DJ Quik and Terrace Martin. Expect guest appearances by fellow Tha Dogg Pound members Daz Dillinger and Snoop Dogg.

Nate Dogg Suffers Stroke

Friday, January 18th, 2008

Source: AllHipHop

Rumors recently surfaced that legendary G-Funk artist Nate Dogg had suffered a stroke in late December. These rumors were confirmed today by manage Rod McGrew.

Nate Dogg suffered a mild stroke on December 19. He was transported to Panoma Valley Hospital and stayed there until December 26. He has not suffered any brain damage and his voice has not been affected. There is a good prognosis that Nate Dogg will make a proper recovery.

We at The G-Funk Era hope the very best for Nate and his family.

On a slightly unrelated note, this is my first post on The G-Funk Era.

Lifestyle - Liquid Cocaine (2003)

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

Who would of thought DJ Quik’s cousin, H.I.T., and Snoop Dogg’s younger brother, Pretty Tony (aka Bada Bing), would ever form a group together. Not to mention Goldie Loc was originally part of the group before Snoop Dogg picked him up for Tha Eastsidaz group. Surprisingly, even being related to them hasn’t even got them the notice that they deserved. The album itself is consistent throughout with notable guest appearances from Bad Azz, Goldie Loc, and Snoop Dogg. Not much has been heard from the group ever since their debut and a few guest appearances on Snoop (more…)

XL Middleton - Barliament Drunkadelic (2007)

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

If there is any upcoming artist that has been keeping the G-Funk influence alive while still doing his own thing, it would definitely have to be XL Middleton. Although XL Middleton has been rapping and producing since 2002, it finally seems like he is getting the recognition he deserves. He even speaks to his own fans every now and then on some of the more popular west coast music boards. After releasing a few mixtapes in 2007 which gained a lot of momentum for his upcoming album, he finally released his most recent outing, Barliament Drunkadelic. Barliament Drunkadelic was (more…)