List Of Hip Hop/Rap Related Videos

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Title: 2Pac: Before I Wake
Subject: 2Pac
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Description: Tupac Shakur was one of hip-hop’s most notorious and controversial icons. His untimely death at the age of 25 sent a shock wave through the music world. Now the true events of his final tumultuous year, including his assassination, are documented on film by the man who witnessed them. Frank Alexander, Tupac’s personal bodyguard, presents Tupac Shakur: Before I Wake from Xenon Pictures.

Title: Cypress Hill: Still Smokin’
Subject: Cypress Hill
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Description: The resident potheads of the rap world, Cypress Hill, prove that they’re still smokin’ on this music video compilation. The Los Angeles based Latino hip hop group cornered the market on spooky, horror-tinged rap songs with themes of getting high, and had chart topping hits with songs including “Hits From The Bong,” and “Insane In The Brain.” This video release includes twenty-six of their fun and highly original rap songs.

Title: Daz Dillinger Presents: Tha Independant Game
Subject: Daz Dillinger
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Description: Ever wanted to make it big in the independent record industry? Daz Dillinger shows you how in this intimate journey on the do’s and don’ts on owning and operating your own record label. This hard-hitting documentary is a true testament of the will of men and the lengths they’ll go to to make their business survive the independent game mentality.

Title: DMX: Angel
Subject: DMX
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Description: Rap star and movie actor DMX stars in this dramatization of his own success story. The story of a boy brought up in poverty who rose to fame through his talent for rapping and rhyming, “Angel” is a heartwarming rags to riches tale. Rhythm and blues diva Mary J. Blige makes a special appearance as DMX’s guardian angel.

Title: EFIL4ZAGGIN: The Only Home Video
Subject: N.W.A.
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Description: All new previously unavailable interviews, party footage, music videos, live concert performance and more. “This video contains explicit scenes and language that may not be suitable for some viewers.”

Title: Eminem: All Access Europe
Subject: Eminem
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Description: One of the most controversial performers to storm onto the pop music scene at the turn of the 21st century, Detroit rapper Eminem is a ground breaking, volatile talent. All Access Europe is a film of Slim Shady/Marshall Mather’s 2002 European concert tour, which took him to towns including Oslo, Hamburg, Manchester, and Paris. Armed with his chainsaw, Eminem performs stirring renditions of hits like “Stan,” “The Way I Am,” and “Purple Pills.”

Title: Irv Gotti Presents The Inc.
Subject: Murder Inc.
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Description: The Murder Inc. label is renowned for making some of the most exciting and innovative hip-hop around, and Irv Gotti Presents The Inc. profiles some of their biggest stars.

Title: Master P Presents No Limits, Vol. 1
Subject: No Limit Records
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Description: Here’s your chance to see videos by Mr. Serv-On and Big Pun, TRU, and Master P himself. Several of these videos have been banned from television. Also includes an in-depth interview with Master P.

Title: Outlawz: Worldwide
Subject: Outlawz
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Description: If Tupac was the general, the Outlawz are his loyal soldiers spreading the teachings of Thugology to a nation of hungry fans. Napoleon, Young Noble, Edi, and Kastro take their thug struggle around the world from the U.S. to Germany to Puerto Rico. On their way they discuss the lives of fallen prophets Tupac and Kadafi. Also, the Outlawz answer the question everyone wants to know. “Is Pac dead or alive?” Hear about their days on Death Row and life as independent artists. On Worldwide, the Outlawz leave no rock unturned as they incite international crowds, entertain groupies, and discuss their weapons of choice. See the exclusive first interview of Hussein Fatal since his release from prison. In their attempt to unify the thug nation, these East Coast natives squash their longtime beef with Mobb Deep. See cameos from Fat Joe, Warren G, Coolio, Big Syke, Method Man, Guru, Onyx, Terror Squad, Treach, Shorty B, Layzie Bone, DJ Clue, Fabolous, Bad Azz, Mo’Thugs, JT Money, Tash, Battlecat, Ras Kass, and more as they show respect to the Outlawz crew. Rarely do true Outlawz emerge from the dark shadows of society long enough to be captured on film. This is your chance to enter the mind of an Outlaw.

Title: Snoopadelic Films Presents: Welcome To Tha House
Subject: Doggy Style Records & Snoop Dogg
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Description: Taking a revealing look into the lives of Snoop Dogg and the Doggy Style Allstars, Welcome to Tha House comes from the same team that gave you “Up In Smoke”, which starred Snoop, Eminem and Dr. Dre. Music videos, biographies, and features on artists on the Doggy Style record label are all included, alongside some candid and revealing documentary footage. The two-year wait since Snoop’s last release is now over with the simultaneous release of this and his Welcome To Tha House Vol. 1 CD, so get ready to party, Doggy Style!!

Title: The N.W.A. Legacy: The Video Collection
Subject: N.W.A.
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Description: Rap pioneers N.W.A may have recorded some of the most aggressive form of rap music but their legacy lives on having paved the way for what became known as “Gangsta Rap”. Featuring Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, and MC Ren, this video collection features the groups top hits, including the anthem “Straight Outta Compton.”